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Great Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Albuquerque

Albuquerque's best farm-to-table restaurants, according to local chefs and brewers.

Great Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Albuquerque

While Albuquerque is known for its New Mexican red and green chile dishes, the city's farm-to-table outposts are also top-notch. With Albuquerque tucked between the Sandia Mountains, farmers, chefs and purveyors are able to work together to bring foodies locally-sourced produce, meats, and herbs. Chefs Lauren and Jason Greene of The Grove and Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos, along with those in the brewery industry like Missy Begay of Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. and Jeff Erway of La Cumbre Brewing, share some of their favorite local spots for farm-to-table food for all of ABQ's hungry visitors.

Slate Street Cafe

Recommended by: Missy Begay

Missy Begay of Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. speaks highly of this local restaurant. "Slate Street Cafe is the neighborhood go-to spot in Wells Park. It's an old, craftsman style house that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have connections with local farms, local markets, so everything is super fresh. Plus, they have an amazing wine list."

Farm & Table

Recommended by: Jonathan Perno, Cassie Adams

Jonathan Perno is executive chef at Los Poblanos Inn. "Farm & Table is close to us at Los Poblanos in the North Valley, and they have a farm on their property as well. Farm & Table tries to utilize as much local product as they can, just like we do at Los Poblanos."

My Sweet Basil

Recommended by: Jeff Erway, Tertia Gillett

Jeff Erway often has food trucks outside of his brewery, La Cumbre. “My Sweet Basil is probably the most creative and eclectic food truck in Albuquerque. It's consistently impressive food that is unbelievably good."


Recommended by: Lauren Greene, Shawna Brown

Lauren Greene owns and operates The Grove with her husband, Jason. "If I had a friend visiting, I'd take them to lunch at Vinaigrette. I like it a lot! It's this cool little salad bistro," Lauren said.  

The Acre

Recommended by: Jonathan Perno

As the executive chef at Los Poblanos Inn, Jonathan Perno has great knowledge of the local restaurant scene in Albuquerque.  "The Acre in the Northeast Heights is a vegetable-driven restaurant that's doing really well."

Campo at Los Poblanos

Recommended by: Jonathan Perno, Julia Mandeville, Tess Coats

Julia Mandeville of Harwood Art Center said this of Campo at Los Poblanos: "Take a field trip up to Los Poblanos for dinner on the patio at Campo. Campo does this incredible, farm fresh food. It's really innovative cooking in one of the most beautiful locations ever, on this lavender farm in the North Valley."

The Grove

Recommended by: Julia Mandeville, Tess Coats

Julia Mandeville is the Chief Programs Officer at the Harwood Art Center. “We always have a debate about where to go for breakfast, and it would be tight between The Grove, El Patio and Duran Central Pharmacy. The Grove might win because they have really delicious food!"

Downtown Growers' Market

Recommended by: Cassie Adams, Lauren Greene, Jonathan Perno, Vernon Pajarito

Jason and Lauren Greene serve up lunch, brunch and breakfast as owners of The Grove. Said Lauren of the Downtown Growers' Market, "I would definitely include the Downtown Growers' Market as part of my favorite day in Albuquerque. It's an unbelievable farmer's market that's just a few minutes away from us at The Grove. It's in Downtown, and we're so lucky to have this amazing local food community in Albuquerque. There are just so many really cool food artisans and farmers!"


Recommended by: Jason Green, Thomas Isole

Thomas Isole of Trifecta Coffee Company: "My favorite restaurant in Albuquerque is Frenchish in Nob Hill. It's run by Jennifer James, and this is definitely not her first restaurant."