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8 Coffee Shops with Great Vibes in Albuquerque

A few of the best spots for coffee in Albuquerque.

8 Coffee Shops with the Best Vibes in Albuquerque

Albuquerque's independent, local coffee scene has been growing like crazy over the past few years, and each new shop brings its own perspective.

Trifecta's Thomas Isole shared, "Independents are coming in these days with their own point of view. You won't find any shop that's trying to emulate someone else. They have a clear perspective."

Zendo's Pilar Westell echoed those statements, telling Visit Albuquerque, "The coffee scene here is just exploding right now. There are so many cool shops that cater to different things."

Below, we spoke with local coffee shop owners, artisans, brewers, and entrepreneurs who shared their favorite local coffee shops with the best vibes in Albuquerque.

Zendo Coffee

Recommended by: Julia Mandeville, Thomas Isole

Zendo is a hidden gem in Downtown Albuquerque, which got high praise from the Harwood Art Center's Julia Mandeville. "Zendo is owned by this amazing woman named Pilar Westell. Zendo is a beautiful example of a woman-led entrepreneurial endeavor in Albuquerque. Zendo got some national recognition as the most beautiful coffee shop in New Mexico, and it really is! All of the furniture and decor was designed by an artist and designer named Rocky Norton. Pilar always has a rotating show of local artists on the walls, and the shop just has such a beautiful energy!"

Zendo Coffee

Prismatic Coffee

Recommended by: Pilar Westell, Tertia Gillett

Trifecta Coffee Company's owner Tertia Gillett knows his space, and he was clear about Prismatic. "If you want absolute pure, third wave coffee with no compromise and you're willing to let them tell you how the coffee should be poured, Prismatic Coffee has a really great roasting program and a really nice space. They're really passionate about the way they go about it."

Prismatic Coffee

Little Bear

Recommended by: Tertia Gillett

Again, Prismatic Coffee's Tertia Gillett recognizes greatness in Little Bear Coffee. "Little Bear Coffee is new and very good. They acquire a lot of rotating roasters from all over the place, so it's really neat to be able to go in there and get some of the best-roasted coffee in the country. They sift through a lot of coffee."

Cutbow Coffee

Recommended by: Thomas Isole

Thomas Isole of Trifecta Coffee Company put self-promotion aside to give accolades to Cutbow Coffee and its head roaster. "Paul Gallegos is a new, really fun roaster. He used to work for Peet's Coffee and he just came to Albuquerque to open Cutbow. I really like what he's doing. He just opened up the shop, so things are really getting cranking,” Isole said.

Humble Coffee Company

Recommended by: Thomas Isole

Humble Coffee has two locations in Albuquerque, one in Nob Hill and the other in Downtown. Trifecta's Thomas Isole raves about both the drinks and the environment at Humble Coffee Company. "The Humble Coffee in Nob Hill has a super cool vibe and scene. It's a bit more of a hipster scene, but they have some really great drinks going on down there, and it's just a fun space."

Trifecta Coffee Company

Recommended by: Thomas Isole

Trifecta Coffee Company brings imagination into the world of coffee and separates itself from the competition with handmade touches that complement their drinks. "We use bitters in some of our drinks, and we use shakers and ice and we brew our own syrup from scratch and melt down our own chocolates from Guatemala,” explained Thomas Isole.

Villa Myriam

Recommended by: Pilar Westell

"Villa Myriam just opened up a new space and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's a roasting facility and a cafe, with really cool little bites to eat, really good food and really good coffee,” said Pilar Westell of Zendo Coffee.

Barelas Coffee House

Recommended by: Hakim Bellamy, Jeff Erway, Jonathan Perno, Pilar Westell, Tess Coats

You'll get way more than just coffee when you visit Barelas Coffee House. President Barack Obama made a surprise stop the last time he was in Albuquerque. Despite its name, Barelas Coffee House cooks up New Mexican fare that will make you think you stepped into a third generation locals' kitchen. Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos said, "There's a place in the South Valley called Barelas Coffee House. It's a really old institution where you're going to get the most authentic food of what New Mexico has to offer, outside of being in someone else's home.”

Barelas Coffee House