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Boutique Art Galleries to Check Out in Albuquerque

A trip through Albuquerque's art galleries and cultural centers.

Boutique Art Galleries to Check Out in Albuquerque

Albuquerque's rich history and maker culture shine through in its thriving art scene. The Harwood Art Center's Julia Mandeville, famed local artist Nanibah Chacon, Zendo's Pilar Westell, and others in the local art community are playing a huge role in this growth.

“There's a small slew of independent galleries that kind of pop up and go. We have a great small independent art gallery scene,” said artist Nanibah Chacon.

Here, Visit Albuquerque worked with local artists, makers, and entrepreneurs to put together a list where you can find the best of the Duke City's art, culture, and history.

516 Arts

Recommended by: Nanibah Chacon, Shawna Brown, Tess Coats, Pilar Westell, Julia Mandeville

Pilar Westell of Zendo Coffee praises her arts-driven neighbor. "516 Arts is right next door to us at Zendo. They have put out some of the most amazing groups of work this city's seen in a really long time."

516 Arts

Harwood Art Center

Recommended by: Julia Mandeville

Julia Mandeville is the Chief Programs Officer at Harwood Art Center and knows her space inside and out. "If I had a visitor, we would go on a field trip to the Harwood Art Center and we would look at the site-specific commissions from local artists that we have out in the sun yard. We have a collection of several commissions, like murals and mirrored adobe walls and ephemeral landscape installations. So we'd come here, see the galleries, and meet with some of our artists who inhabit our thirty-nine artist studios."

The Harwood Art Center

The Tannex

Recommended by: Shawna Brown, Nanibah Chacon

Shawna Brown is the Community Relations & Marketing Manager at The Verdes Foundation. When it comes to art and music, she shared, "The Tannex is a hidden gem of Albuquerque! It's this space that has a lot of live music and it's located in Barelas. It's just a really cool place that's a treasure that no one really knows about. It's locally-owned, woman-owned, and it brings in artists from all genres to the space. You can hear some experimental funk one day, and then folk the next time. It's a really cool venue!"

The Tannex

The Small Engine Gallery

Recommended by: Pilar Westell

When not serving up coffee, Pilar Westell of Zendo Coffee can be found perusing art galleries. "One of my favorite galleries is The Small Engine Gallery, which is run by this really, really cool group of people. They are showing just incredibly inspired group shows and sometimes they do solo shows. They usually have something really cool going on on First Fridays."

The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History

Recommended by: Pilar Westell, Shawna Brown, Tertia Gillett, Tess Coats, Julia Mandeville

Julia Mandeville of Harwood Art Center highly suggests The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History. "Visit The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, where you can explore the exquisite rotation of visiting national and international expositions and see the really thoughtful, new permanent installation about artists from Albuquerque and New Mexico and the legacy that they've had both here and in this diaspora pattern around the world."

The Albuquerque Museum

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Recommended by: Hakim Bellamy, Rick Pimentel, Pilar Westell

Hakim Bellamy of the City of Albuquerque speaks passionately about the importance of museums and culture to his city's identity. “The National Hispanic Cultural Center is actually a state run entity but it's in our city. It's a big anchor for our city. They are the keepers and collectors of your heritage, of your story. The things that we decide as a society that are valuable, that we don't want to lose when they outrun their practical utilitarian usage, we put them in museums to preserve them. So I feel like that's what's cool about the National Hispanic Cultural Center -- that that lives here.”

The National Hispanic Cultural Center

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Recommended by: Missy Begay

For Missy Begay at Bow & Arrow Brewing Co., galleries aren’t only about art. “"Honestly, the restaurant at The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center also has really good chile!"

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Central Features Contemporary Art

Recommended by: Pilar WestellNanibah ChaconJulia Mandeville

Pilar Westell of Zendo Coffee is a go-to resource for the city's thriving art gallery scene. "Central Features in Downtown Albuquerque is throwing out really good shows."

Richard Levy Art Gallery

Recommended by: Julia Mandeville

When Julia Mandeville is not at the Harwood Art Center, you can find her at an art gallery Downtown. "If you go to Downtown Albuquerque to check out art, there's 516 ArtsRichard Levy Gallery and Central Features, which are all in this beautiful cluster right on Central Avenue."


Recommended by: Julia Mandeville

Julia also shared, "Relic has been around for a while, and it just relocated and there's this amazing little community of shops that have opened right on 7th Street, right by the Historic El Rey Theatre.”

Paradise Club

Recommended by: Julia Mandeville

Julia Mandeville speaks highly of both Relic and Paradise Club. "Relic and Paradise Club are gallery-boutique hybrids.”